Welcome to the Super Fan Scavenger Hunt!

Thanks to everyone who participated!  If you're just now finding this, you can still test your knowledge! Unlike during the contest, this time the answers will appear.

We anounced the winner on our bonus episode which aired on March 17, 2021 !

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1. How many years have Stefanie and Courtney known each other?
2. Which wine is Courtney's favorite?
3. What was the flavor of the first canned wine they drank?
4. What movie was Stefanie watching when Courtney showed up at her house to scare her?
5. What is the name of the flamingo lawn ornament Stefanie got for herself and Courtney?
6. What frozen fruit did they use to chill their wine?
7. What did James from the movie The Strangers use to wrap a bloody hand with that drove Courtney absolutely crazy?
8. What is the name of our trusty EP that we could not create this show without?
9. What clothing accessories was zombebe (Gage) wearing in the movie Pet Sematary that drove Stefanie absolutely crazy?