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Hi Friends! This movie was one of the most requested movies we got...basically since we started this podcast! And GUYS! This movie was A LOT Read more
Hi Friends! It's our Patreon Pick for December!! What are your thoughts for the movie Urban Legend? Let us know in the comments! For ad-free Read more
Hi Friends! It's our Christmas episode!!! This was such a fun episode! What did you think of Krampus? Have you seen the movie before? For Read more
Hi Friends! Oh wow! This movie really messed with us! This week we watch the movie Us released 2019. What did you think about this Read more
Hi Friends! What is happening with this movie?? Killer Klowns? And do they HAVE to be from Outer Space?! We know it's a cult classic Read more
Hi Friends! Today we talked about Addams Family Values! Technically this was our Thanksgiving episode (since, you know, Pugsley... Read more
Hi Friends! Here's this month's PATREON PICK! CHOPPING MALL! What can we say about this movie? Robots... 1980's mall... Lasers... Stefanie enjoyed it... Courtney absolutely Read more
Hi Friends! Today we talked about 28 Days Later! Ok so Stefanie obviously was NOT excited about yet another zombie movie BUT she still did Read more
Hi Friends! We had so much fun with our friends at SP Filmviewers podcast (go to for more of their episodes)!! A few weeks Read more


We’re on Twitch!

Ok! So you may have noticed we started getting on Twitch recently. Dustin has been live streaming himself editing our episodes and it’s a lot of fun! We’re working on doing some live streaming ourselves so join us on our Road to 50 Followers!!

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New Merch!

We are super excited to showcase some of our new merch designs! From Scream’s Ghostface patterns to some clever wine merch, we have a lot of fun designs to choose from! If you purchase something from our store, we encourage you to take a picture and send it over! We’d love to see you sporting a brand-spankin’-new Tipsy Pod shirt! Plus! It helps support the show! How cool??

Head over to our store to find something you might like, and thank you for your support!

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