Great show with really good banter. Love the hosts already. Keep up the great work! This show is gonna be one to keep up with! ...


This fun new podcast is definitely being added into my regular rotation. They hosts are funny and have wonderful chemistry with each other. I found myself laughing so hard my sides ached...


These ladies make listening to podcasts fun! Love their energy and quirky convos! ...


Nobody covers movies quite like @PodTipsy covers movies! Follow them on #twitter and #instagram to get the full tipsy experience! 5 ⭐️ no doubt! Amazing show! Keep it up!


Two women, great chemistry and wine 😍 Three of my favorite things. Love the pod definitely recommend!


These two ladies have a lot of energy and seem to enjoy discussing the many horror films!


I feel like I could be friends with these two. I love scary movies but I’m a big ol’ wimp! They make me laugh while reminding me of my favorite old scary movies!!


Wine and horror movies?! Sold! Fun and engaging, easy to listen to and I feel like I’m hanging out with my friends. Well done!


Excellent chemistry with fun conversation makes this a delightful podcast to add to your repertoire of horror podcasts.

A. Maguire

A really entertaining podcast with a fun take on horror. And the intro music is catchy!

A Horror Podcast

What a concept! Love the host's chemistry and how excited they are about the movies. Can't help having a great time!

Historical AF Podcast

Such a fun podcast! The hosts are easy to listen to and are funny! Love the premise of the show! Great job!!


I feel like I’m hanging out on the couch with my best friends, laughing and talking about horror movies. I definitely needed this podcast. I am hooked already!!


I wasn't sure what to expect when I got into this, but ended up really enjoying it! ...


So fun! Very interesting to hear the opinions and perspectives from someone who doesn't love horror movies in contrast with someone who does. Great work!