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We currently offer two ways to order TipsyPod merch:

  1. Directly from They’re Terrified & Tipsy
  2. From the site TeePublic

Directly from They’re Terrified & Tipsy

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Important notes:

  • 19oz Stemless wineglass
  • Price includes taxes/shipping/handling
  • Shipping only within the US (for now! Contact Us if you live outside of the US and we can figure something out!)
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Wine not included with purchase 😉


Gerry Cheevers Goalie Mask T-Shirt

From the site TeePublc

Below is a small taste of some of our favorite designs. If you would like to see more, check out our TeePublic Storefront!


Check out our rainbow-inspired logo merch! It's RAINBOW SPLASH! W think you're really going to like it! Cheers!
Wineful Merch
NEW! Check out this new collection of Wineful merchandise. And yes, that's a play on the word mindful! So, get
Winter Design
Hello Friends! Check out our Winter Collection featuring the Terrified & Tipsy logo! Cheers! (and brrrr!!)

They’re Terrified & Tipsy Merch brought to you by TeePublic! Thanks TeePublic!