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Hi Friends! This week we watched Evil Dead (2013) where we met the super pleasant Tar Mouth Pokey Bush Mud Lady! This one had an Read more
Hi Friends! This week we're bringing you something a little different with our HORROR SHOWCASE! Meet up-and-coming horror artists Brianna Malotke, Ali Chappell, Damon Della Read more
Hi Friends! This week we watched Paranormal Activity from 2007. In this movie, Katie's boyfriend Micah decides to instigate a demon with an over-sized camera Read more
Hi Friends! IT'S OUR 100TH EPISODE!! This week we watched Studio 666 from 2022 directed by BJ McDonnell. Stefanie enjoyed Dave Grohl's company and Courtney Read more
Hi Friends! This week we were joined by our bud CK to discuss his favorite movie, and this month's Patreon Pick, An American Werewolf in Read more
Hi Friends! Little mini bottles of wine are back! This week we watched the movie The Night House from 2020. Are we finally getting into Read more
Hi Friends! This week we watched the movie Scream from 2022 with some more yummy Relax Riesling! There was so much hype around this movie Read more
Hi Friends! This week we watched the movie X from 2022 with some yummy Relax Riesling! By the end of it, we both were left Read more
Hi Friends! This week we watched REC from 2007 with some spiked seltz-ah! This movie was...interesting...especially considering we didn't realize it was completely in Spanish! Read more


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