Bonus Episode: Way Off The Rails!

Hi Friends! As we say goodbye to Season 2 and a HUGE hello to Season 3, we wanted to grace your “ear balls” with a bonus episode!!!  Join the Tipsy Pod Trio this week as we announce the winners of our Super Fan Scavenger Hunt, answer some hysterical would you rather questions, and much more!! And let’s just say, you haven’t seen “OFF THE RAILS” quite like this before! Cheers!!

PLUS: New Music!!

Season 2 – Classic Horror Movies

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Episode Mentions:

Super Fans Paul and Jordan plus…
– Reverie True Crime Podcast (Twitter @ReverieCrimePod)
– For Nerds by Nerds Podcast (Twitter @FNBNPodcast)

Would You Rather Mentions:
– Malice Podcast (Twitter @MalicePodcast)
– Game for a Movie Podcast (Twitter @GameForAMovieP1)
– Dads on Dayquill Podcast (Twitter @DDayquill)
– Gag on This Podcast (Twitter @GagOnThis_Pod)
– Ignorance was Bliss Podcast (Twitter @IWBpodcast)

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