Bonus Episode: Zodiac chat with Whose Crime Is It Anyway podcast!

Hi Friends! Surprise bonus episode!! We had so much fun with our friends Lisa and Chelle from the True Crime podcast Whose Crime Is It Anyway, chatting about the movie Zodiac from 2007. Afterwards we had a fun game of “Would you Rather” which had everyone cracking up! If you want to see the uncut video version of this episode, which is about 20 minutes longer, you can find it on our Patreon on the OMG BFF tier! Cheers!

YouTube blind reaction short scary movie watch alongs:

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Directed by David Fincher

Between 1968 and 1983, a San Francisco cartoonist becomes an amateur detective obsessed with tracking down the Zodiac Killer, an unidentified individual who terrorizes Northern California with a killing spree.

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