FIRST EVER EPISODE!! Let’s chat about a couple of things!

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Hey Friends! We’ve worked so hard to pivot our show to one we’ll both really love even more than They’re Terrified and Tipsy! Our unofficial motto is “Do More Of What Makes You Happy” so we’re trying that and we think you should too!! One quick note about this episode, unfortunately our mics weren’t on when we were recording so unfortunately it doesn’t sound great but it’s still a fun episode!! We promise we’ll get better we’re trying lol!
Have fun and let us know in the comments what you thought. Cheers!
In this episode we….
– try to get to know each other better for you but it doesn’t go great lol
– talk about an unfortunate manatee situation
– tell some jokes we think you’ll love haha
– talk about horror scopes in the best way possible
– talk about a woman who needs to know if she’s the a-hole (AITA from Reddit) bc her MIL is a certified c-block if you know what I mean!

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