Horror Movie : The Blair Witch Project!

This week we bring you our take on the 1990’s horror movie, The Blair Witch Project! Oh, and as with any horror movie we cover, spoilers and such!

What’s It About?

The Blair Witch Project is a horror movie about three student filmmakers who decide to venture into the woods in search for the legendary Blair Witch. The three student filmmakers, Heather, Mike, and Josh, become lost in the woods and are never found. Luckily (or maybe not luckily!) we see their journey, thanks to the footage found a year later. This remarkable horror film has a nice vintage feel, a feeling that we don’t get from most movies. What’s really cool is the footage that we see is straight from the cameras the students are using. It really makes you feel like you are right there with them! Which I hated (that was Stefanie in case you didn’t know)!

At times, the shakiness of the camera was hard to watch. Some of our Twitter followers thought the exact same thing!

A Little Background on This Horror Movie!

The students didn’t know what to expect as they headed into the woods. After all, the Blair Witch was only a legend, passed down through generations.

Before heading into the thick woods, the team interviewed several locals. They all had a version of the horror story of the Blair Witch, but one stuck out to us in particular: perhaps there’s a serial killer in the woods luring seven people to their deaths!

This theory was really compelling giving how the movie ends. Heather’s camera falls to the ground and you see one victim standing motionless in the corner while Heather, presumably, is killed! That’s a big NOPE!

In fact, the entire final scene is really what sticks with you. Leading up to it you are climbing the horror roller coaster of dread, only to drop violently to the end.

Final terrifying scene! Horror movie The Blair Witch Project

They had intentions of camping in the woods for a couple nights, but spooky circumstances changed their plans. Each night was scarier than the one before and the students were itching to get out of the woods.

During day one, they interviewed the towns people as I mentioned and drove into the woods.

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Day Two

The morning after the first night, Josh said he heard cackling noises outside of their tents. Does this mean the Blair Witch was real or just a myth? The second day, they started hiking towards a cemetery that is somewhere deep in the woods. Heather, in charge of the map, decided to ignore the fact that they had become lost. This causes a lot of tension to boil as the two guys began to realize she had no clue where they were! Uh-oh!

Before finding their camping spot for the second night, the students find seven piles of rocks all in one area. They were not sure what they meant, though they had an odd feeling about them. Later that night, they woke up to snapping noises coming from all directions around them.  Josh and Heather venture out in the pitch black night (NOPE!) but were unable to find the source of the eerie snapping sounds.

Day Three

In the morning, the students began hiking towards their car (maybe). Heather still had the map and unfortunately, in the pouring rain, the students found themselves lost again. They set up camp and that night, they hear the same eerie snapping noises and began to feel very uncomfortable with what they were encountering. Guys, this entire time they’re going through this, Heather is still filming EVERYTHING! It infuriates the guys (and us!) because they’re realizing this is about survival, not about her movie. If they keep messing around, they’re not sure what will get them first: the elements or The Blair Witch!

Or bears…

Day Four?

Hiking for hours the next day doesn’t seem to get them closer to their car and instead, they find themselves walking in circles. Literally.

Fast forward what can only be several hours, the students unexpectedly find creepy voodoo stick figures suspended and hung from the trees. It completely freaks them out and puts all three of them on edge. That night they woke up to spine-chilling screams and what sounded like children laughing! An unknown force shakes their tent causing them to escape into the woods and spend the rest of the night under the dark night sky until the sun came up. Interestingly enough, we learned that the producers actually created this effect without the actors knowing it was coming. The horror the actors portrayed was real!

From E! Online:

“All the weird kind of noises and stuff is just us running around in the woods. When they wake up and there are rock piles outside their tents, we planted those, obviously. The stick figures—we hung them. We just led them around on a 24-hour-a-day stage play, really…We shook their tent, we played sounds of little kids playing outside their tent, we made noises in the middle of the night, we led them to this crazy house at the end—we basically just played the Blair Witch.”

E! Online

Voodoo stick figures! Horror movie The Blair Witch Project

The following days, things get unexpectedly worse. They try to stay optimistic, but what started off as an exciting project ends up being the worst experience of their lives. This creepy movie definitely freaked us out but it is a classic horror movie that is worth watching!

Stefanie’s Hand-Clam Rating™? 4/5!

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