We’re chatting with our friend Ricky Glore about his new movie OPEN HOUSE! #SupportIndieFilms

Hi Friends! This week we’re talking with our buddy Ricky Glore about his new movie OPEN HOUSE! If you love supporting great indie projects, this one is definitely one to support!! Check out the Kickstarter to see if there’s a level that works for you! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rickyglore/open-house-a-horror-musical-dark-comedy

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Open House, a brand-new horror musical comedy from NKY Films.
MEDIA CONTACT: P.J. Starks (Executive Producer) starks.pj@gmail.com

SYNOPSIS: A young mother, along with her teenage daughter, live a vagabond life, bouncing from town to town, squatting in homes that they have tricked realtors into showing them during the day, and then breaking into them later at night, so they have somewhere to sleep. This grift seems to be working well until the two come across an overzealous realty couple, who show the duo a house, but refuse to let them leave.

ABOUT THE PROJECT: NKY Films brings you their next foray into hilarious terror from writer/director Ricky Glore (All Your Friends Are Dead). This horror musical comedy will be mostly filmed in Wilder, Kentucky at Bobby Mackey’s, the infamously haunted slaughterhouse featured on Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures. Special Effects will be handled by Trevor Thompson (Malum, Devil’s Revenge, Mom & Dad) with makeup/wardrobe handled by Ashley Meenach (Hauntology, Monica). Nicholas Hiance (All Your Friends Are Dead) will serve as an executive producer and director of photography. The film is produced by Chris Morris (All Your Friends Are Dead), Mike Flinchum (All Your Friends Are Dead, Hell’s Gate) and executive produced by P.J. Starks (13 Slays Till X-Mas, Cryptids, New Fears Eve). The score will be conducted by David Kornfeld, the Jeff Award-winning composer of HAYMARKET: A NEW FOLK MUSICAL and he is currently on tour as Associate Conductor of the JaggedLittle Pill Broadway musical.
Open House has an exciting and talented cast featuring Timmy H. Barron (Chicago Fire), Ali Delianides (All Your Friends Are Dead), Lisa Walton (When the Night Falls, Terror Talk), and newcomer Jasmine Fondrisi.

Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rickyglore/open-house-a-horror-musical-dark-comedy

To learn more about the writer/director visit www.RickyGlore.com

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