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Bonus Episode: Horror Movie Jeopary w/ For Nerds by Nerds Podcast

Hi Friends! This week we decided to get ready and jump into Season 4 sooner rather than later!  We just couldn’t wait any longer! We’re SOOOOO EXCITED!!

You all have given so many great suggestions for movies and we’re so ready to start making episodes on them (well, one of us is haha!) 

This Bonus Episode is a re-release of an episode we did on the For Nerds by Nerds Podcast back in May 2021.  It was so much fun!  All of the FNBN links are below so please guys, go check them out today! Cheers!

For Nerds by Nerds (FNBN) Podcast

We are a nerd centric, comedy group of podcasters and Youtubers. We do watch alongs, news, reviews and so much more. Check us out, let us know what you think

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Today’s promo is on the show Somewhere in the Skies Podcast.

It is a weekly podcast hosted by @RyanSprague51 (Twitter) about #UFOs and the extraordinary world around, above, and below us. Subscribe anywhere you get pods and on YouTube.

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